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WARNING!! The RC equipment shown on this page is dangerous. Most if not all of this equipment has the potential of irreversible bodily harm or even death. All of these pieces of equipment should never be operated without appropriate supervision. I am only sharing my experiences. None of my comments should be taken as a reason to operate these devices without proper safety measures and/or proper supervision. Look, I may call them toys but they are not and you need to treat them will all due respect.

Radio Control

I have been spending a large chunck of my time playing with a set of RC toys. I will do my best to split them into groups that we can all understand

Aerial Electric

This is both indoor and outdoor. Both fixed and non-fixed wing.


I will start with a list and add pictures as soon as I take them.

  1. E-flite CX2 (I am working on making this into a brushless version.)
  2. E-flite Mini-CX (This mini indoor heli really works.)
  3. E-flite Blade 400 3D (This was my first outdoor 3D. I am still learning.)
  4. Align Trex 450 SE V.2 (I am trying a HeliCommand on this one.)
  5. Thunder Tiger Raptor E-550 (I will add what I am using to power and drive this beast.)

Fixed Wing

I will start with a list and add pictures as soon as I take them.

  1. E-flite Vapor (This thing just wants to fly)
  2. Hobby Lobby V-diamond (I will include a list of build out as soon as I get pictures)

Aerial Nitro

I only have one flying nitro. It is a 30 heli. This thing scares the hell out of me. I will update this when I fly it (I doubt I will put it up with out the HeliCommand on it).

Ground electric
  1. HPI E-Savage (a little rollover prone but if you have the VW bug body it kinda flipps back over. lots of fun.)
  2. Traxxas E-Revo (Use the 7-cell batteries. If you do FAST as hell and great in thick grass.)
  3. Megatech MPro-RCB (small and a little out of control but good for beginners. Bought two, one for me and one for a friend.)

Ground Nitro/Gas
  1. HPI Savage (Yes, the old one, the first one. I replaced the shocks and it is a whole different car now.)
  2. HPI Baja SS (This is 1/8 scale. You will not get the size of this thing until you see one.)